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Jack Russell in  Coloured Pencil


This shows the creation of a coloured pencil portrait of Roxie, a Jack Russell with kind eyes and a lively temperament! I often start with a couple of small sketches and colour trials, usually using more than one photo to get all the details just right. Once I am happy with the layout of the picture, I draw the outline and main features onto acid-free paper, in this case a smooth Arches hand-made watercolour paper. I then begin to block in the colour. As you can see, I have put quite detailed colour on the eyes at an early stage, remembering to leave clear highlights. The whole picture takes several days to complete, as it is is built up with many layers of colour and every so often I need to stop and take stock of what I've done so far. It is important to know when to stop! Creating an image of a beloved pet is great fun and very enjoyable to do, especially when the recipient takes the time to say how pleased they  are with the result.

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